Marina Restaurant - Victoria, British Columbia, V8S 2N4, Canada

Welcome to the Round Bar at the Marina Restaurant

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Have a seat.  Get settled. Leave the office behind and let us serve you.  From classic cocktails to fresh creations, our bartenders make the very best.  

Our signature cocktails include:

“If You Can’t Take the Heat…” 12-
Then get out of the kitchen! Instead why don’t you retreat to the bar to enjoy this tart, spicy, and refreshing cocktail?
Brugal Rum, Chili Liqueur, Amaro Montenegro, Lime, Orange Syrup

Toshi’s Origin Story 11-
The saké in this sweet, smooth, floral cocktail is the second best thing to come out a small lake town near Mt. Fuji
Yamahai Umeshu Saké, Brandy, Orgeat

Kentucky’s Lost Oasis 12-
We found the recipe for this bright, herbal, refreshing drink in a secret pasture deep in the bluegrass state, where palm trees sway and pineapples grow wild and sweet.
Bulleit Bourbon, Cynar, Pineapple syrup, Lime, Almond Extract

Smoke on the Watermelon 14-
This sweet, rich, smoky cocktail would be best enjoyed on the Lake Geneva shoreline while listening to Deep Purple’s iconic ballad. I guess our beautiful Marina views will just have to do.
Mezcal, Watermelon Jam, Lemon, Bella Gamay Noir

The Rose Pavilion 11-
Life moves pretty fast sometimes, but before you stop to smell the roses, why don’t you enjoy this light, bright, refreshing cocktail
Rose Infused Gin, Lemon Basil Sherbert, Soda

Summer on the Peninsula 12-
This fresh, bright, tangy cocktail must have been just what our ancestors were missing when the fierce winter passed and they saw what Canadian summers had to offer.
Forty Creek Rye, Blueberry Maple Shrub, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Angostura bitters

The Pleasurecraft 11-
How about a smooth, refreshing, and approachable drift down the river to a relaxing time.
White Rum, Lime, Orange, Orgeat, Angostura Bitters, Simple Syrup, Egg White

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